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OpenText Content Server und ERP-Integration (german)
Deutsch (Kurzfassung) – OpenText Content Server und ERP-Integration

OpenText Content Server und ERP-Integration (Whitepaper in german)
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OpenText Content Server and ERP-Integration (Whitepaper)
English – OpenText Content Server and ERP-Integration


OpenText Content Server meets SAP Business ByDesign

Integration of OpenText Content Server and SAP Business ByDesign – integrative and context-based use of data and information.

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Two powerful systems with different focus – but there is a missing piece

Two isolated data pools and further restrictions of use

  • Change of application needed

    While working with SAP Business ByDesign users cannot access information efficiently stored within OpenText Content Server without changing the application.

  • Inefficient searching

    And users have to find the relevant information, either by means of navigation, filtering or search.

Our approach – integrative use of information of OpenText Content Server in SAP ByDesign

  • Access everything out of your ERP system ByDesign

    Access all documents, e-mails etc. out of SAP Business ByDesign, in a context-sensitive and fully integrated way.

  • No more searching - context-sensitive and right at the place

    No more switching between applications, no more searching for the right information.

  • Expandable to other systems and platforms

    Information from the OpenText Content Server might even be integrated into further systems and platforms such as mobile devices.

A demonstration video (how it looks like)

Benefits & Advantages

Main Benefits

  • users continue to utilize SAP Business ByDesign, at the same time they …
  • … have easy and integrated access to valuable sources of information on the central OpenText Content Server (documents, e-mails, records management, etc.)
  • users will improve their efficiency by easy access to the considerably increased information base
  • your IT department will experience a reduction of their workload by maintaining a company-wide and centralized information repository
  • SAP Business ByDesign manages company-wide workflows & transactions for operational excellence
  • OpenText covers strictly and company-wide specific governance and compliance regulations

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